Fiber Monitor Panel

The FMP series Fiber Monitor Panel offers a monitor port for both analog (RFoF) and digital (CPRI) fiber links. It enables connection to a test and monitoring tool without the need to disrupt an installation.

With the advent of Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) various devices are being introduced to determine the health of a digital fiber interface. A problem can arise if the troubleshooting needs to be done outside of the maintenance window, or if the symptom disappears on signal reset. To resolve those problems the FMP was developed.

The unit installs in the equipment rack either when the system is being built out, or during a maintenance window. The impact on the fiber infrastructure is minimal as only a portion of the optical energy is diverted. An RFoF, CPRI, or OBSAI analyzer can then be connected to one of the sampled ports.

Products Available:

FMP Series  
Fiber Interface Panel for Macro and DAS diagnostics
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