Public Safety Monitor

In 2015 Microlab began development of a Public Safety Monitor, a unique approach to ensure compliance with IFC 510.1 and NFPA part 72. This device allows for the monitoring of multiple RF sources and is not dependant on the type of signal being transmitted. It also monitors the health of the DAS itself. Since these types of systems are generally not used on a regular basis, it is crucial that there be some mechanism in place to notify the facility of a potential disruption in coverage.

Unlike mobile phone DAS, the Public Safety DAS is not used on a regular basis. The time to find out that the coverage solution has failed is not while an event is happening. The PSM02/PSM04 has been designed to monitor the downlink signal of up to four families of public safety frequencies with virtually no impact on the coverage of the DAS. This means that the Public Safety Monitor can even be implemented in existing installations.

A monthly service can be provided that will send SMS text and/or e-mail notification along with a monthly report that can be presented to the building manager or local jurisdiction to demonstrate that the DAS was fully functional and in compliance. Connection to the unit is via Ethernet IPV4 or IPV6 or an optional wireless modem.

Product Overview
  • 2 or 4 inputs (60 - 1,000 MHz)
  • Covers all Public Safety Bands
  • Monitors conventional or digital downlink signals
  • Monitors DAS Infrastructure
  • Web browser or API control
  • SNMP status interface
  • IP-65/NEMA4 wall mountable
  • Redundant 5 Volt DC power supply available

Products Available:

PSM02   2 Channel Public Safety Monitor
PSM04   4 Channel Public Safety Monitor 
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