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BL-01NFLTE 700 Upper C Block, Ceramic Duplexer 5W, N-type (f) to SMA (f)
BL-10DLTE-700: 704-716/734-746 MHz, 20W, 7-16
BL-10NLTE-700: 704-716/734-746 MHz, 20W, N-type
BL-11DCellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, 7-16
BL-11NCellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, N-type
BL-12DPCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 20W, 7-16
BL-12NPCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 20W, N-type
BL-13NPCS/GSM 1930-1990/1850-1910 MHz, 60W, N-type
BL-14NCDMA 800 824-849/869-894 MHz, 60W, N-type
BL-15NLTE-700 Lower B/C Block, 300W, N-type
BL-16DLTE-700 Upper C Block, 300W, 7-16
BL-16NLTE-700 Upper C Block, 300W, N-type
BL-18NiDEN-800 Upper C Block, 60W, N-type
BL-19D1900+G Upper C Block, 60W, 7-16
BL-19N1900+G Upper C Block, 60W, N-type
BL-20NLTE-700ABC: 698-798/728-768 MHz, 60W, N-type
BL-21DAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, 7-16
BL-21DPAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, 7-16, outdoor
BL-21EAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, 4.3-10
BL-21NAWS Duplexer, 1710-1755/2110-2155, 60W, N-type
BL-22NCellular/GSM-850: 869-896/824-851, 200W, N-type
BL-23N1900+G Upper C Block, 200W, N-type
BL-24NGSM-1800: 1710-1785/1805-1880 MHz, 50W, N-type
BL-25E1900+G Upper C Block, 120W, Lowest PIM, 4.3-10
BL-25N1900+G Upper C Block, 120W, Lowest PIM, N-type
BL-26N700 MHz Public Safety, 60W, N-type
BL-27N880-915/925-960 Cavity Duplexer for 900MHz, N-type
BL-28N2500-2570/2620-2690 Cavity Duplexer for 2600 LTE, N-type
BL-36DUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, 7-16
BL-36DPUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, 7-16, outdoor
BL-36NUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, N-type
BL-36NPUMTS Duplexer,1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz, 80W, N-type, outdoor
BL-37D700 MHz Band Upper C Block, 200W, 7-16
BL-37E700 MHz Band Upper C Block, 200W, 4.3-10
BL-37N700 MHz Band Upper C Block, 200W, N-type
BL-39N700 MHz Lower ABC & Upper C, 60W, N-type
BL-42DPCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 Duplexer,1710-1915/1930-2180 MHz, 20W, 7-16
BL-42EPCS/AWS-1/AWS-3 Duplexer,1710-1915/1930-2180 MHz, 20W, 4.3-10
BL-51D1695-1780/2110-2180 MHz Duplexer, 60W, 7-16
BL-51E1695-1780/2110-2180 MHz Duplexer, 60W, 4.3-10
BL-51N1695-1780/2110-2180 MHz Duplexer, 60W, N-type
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