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In-building wireless signal propagation is enhanced by a strategically placed network of low PIM, high performance antennas. Microlab's antenna products for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cover most wireless provider frequencies between 380 MHz to 6000 MHz.  Configurations include SISO (single in, single out) and MIMO (multiple in, multiple out).

Microlab's passive components are known for their low PIM guaranteed performance which has become the gold standard in the industry.  These antennas also carry our guarantee for low PIM which improves coverage and capacity thereby optimizing network performance.

In-Building DAS Antennas

Products Available

YA-14NF698-960/1710-3500 MHz, Flat Omni Antenna, 50 W, N-type
YA-17NF380-470/698-960/1710-6000 MHz, Omni Antenna, 60 W, N-type
YA-18NF698-960/1500-6000 MHz, Omni Antenna, 50 W, N-type
YA-20NF698-960/1710-2700 MHz, Low PIM Directional Antenna, 50 W, N-type
YA-30NF698-960/1710-2700 MHz, MIMO Omni Antenna, 50 W, N-type
YA-31NF698-960/1500-6000 MHz, MIMO Omni Antenna, 50 W, N-type
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