Customer Success
Microlab DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner Combines Wireless Carrier Signals and Improves Noise Floor for Major League Baseball Stadium
Customer Success Story:

A large US Wireless Carrier uses Microlab's DCC Series™ DAS Carrier Conditioner at a Major League Baseball Stadium to combine multiple carrier signals and, at the same time, improving network capacity dramatically by reducing the system's noise floor.

Previous Situation:
The former Distributed Antenna System(DAS) had critical noise floor issues, degrading cell capacity significantly.

Problem or Challenge and its Impact:

When analyzing the network, DAS engineers were getting noise floor readings of up to -55dBm. This is a level equal to or sometimes even higher than the actual wireless signal. Performance of this particular DAS venue was alarmingly low, with only minimal data throughput.

Alternative Approaches to Solve/Improve:

The engineers evaluated various technical alternatives, including building their own neutral host box and utilizing other neutral host equipment providers.  The  two most critical requirements were minimizing the noise floor and keeping PIM (Passive Intermodulation) to an absolute minimum. The DAS team had successfully used Microlab's low PIM DAS components in the past.

Solution Implemented/Action Taken:

A new DAS topology had been choosen, utilizing Ericsson Base Stations and Radio Remote Units. High power signals were combined and distributed to different antenna arrays, for optimal coverage. Microlab has a proven multi-carrier RF combiner platform that is configurable for a wide variety of neutral-host DAS venues. By choosing Microlab's RF Combiner POI (Point of Interface) assemblies, DAS engineers and project teams can rely on guaranteed performance and focus on other critical aspects of their DAS deployment.  They can depend on Microlab to configure any single or multi-carrier signal combinations that their venue requires. All bands from 380 to 2700 MHz are readily available, and even special frequencies can be delivered in a short time.


Microlab delivered factory-configured multi-carrier combiner boxes within only four weeks. This helped the DAS team to meet their project budget and timeline goals.   The new stadium topology, supported by Microlab's combiner box solution, reduced the noise floor at this venue from -55dBm to -90dBm.  The resulting impact on performance was a 400% increase in traffic throughput.  The DAS teams are now using the Microlab RF Combining Solution for other neutral host DAS venues.